Who needs cloud ERP Software?

A recent study of ERP purchasing trends offered some significant insight into changes in the Enterprise Resource Planning and cloud accounting software marketplace. This article is just one of four articles that will explore a few key findings of this study, and what they might mean for those who are looking for, selling, or creating ERP solutions.


The ERP market is experiencing evolutionary shifts in customer base, and the reasons behind these changes point to a revolution in ERP software industry. The 2015 Enterprise Resource Planning Software BuyerView Study from Software Advice, a consultancy that reviews ERP software, found that:


1. Two-thirds of prospective ERP buyers do not currently use ERP software and 44 percent rely on a combination of disparate systems to execute ERP processes.

2. Fifty-nine percent of buyers cite the need to improve the integration of data between different business processes as a top reason for seeking an ERP system.

3. Forty-seven percent of all buyers cite the need to improve their customer relationship management (CRM) database as a reason for wanting to purchase an ERP system.


ERP software has long been out of reach financially for most SMBs, so another factor must be affecting the market. Here, we can draw a fairly clear correlation to the wider availability of Cloud ERP Software and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) ERP solutions.


SaaS-based Cloud ERP software makes highly capable enterprise software suites viable for SMBs for the first time. SaaS ERP solutions provide SMBs with planning and execution capabilities, freeing smaller businesses from the overhead costs and risks of on-premise IT infrastructure and related support staff. Cloud and SaaS ERP options typically operate on subscription basis, eliminating large commitments of cash up front, an important option for SMBs who need to focus their investments on strategic business growth and profitability.


Look for our next article where we will explore the # 1 reason people are looking for new ERP Solutions…. Integration Opportuity!

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