Our implementation methodology and quality assurance process is designed to take into account the fact that all organizations have unique requirements and are staffed with people having differing skill sets and availabilities. We realize that your acquisition and implementation of Sage Software applications represents a substantial financial and time investment and, therefore, deserves a well planned, comprehensive implementation approach.

Project Planning
Our implementation methodology begins with a Project Planning engagement. The Project Planning engagement includes review and task planning in the following major project phases:

  1. Hardware Platform installation, configuration and testing
  2. Application Installation and Configuration
  3. Application Training requirements and options
  4. Data conversion
  5. Integration and Customization
  6. Pilot testing (CRP)
  7. Production (Live)

Also identified in Project Planning are following:

  • Roles and responsibilities for client and Macabe project staff
  • Project constraints – required time frame, personnel and hardware availabilities, travel requirements, etc.
  • Third party involvement.

The deliverables from the Project Planning engagement include the Project Work Plan and Project Charter which are specifically tailored to meet your Company’s requirements, staff skill, availability and timeline. The Project Work Plan provides task definition by each project phase, time estimates and resource assignment (including both ours and your Company’s resources). The project charter defines the project success criteria, primary objectives, roles and responsibilities, project constraints and a summary of expected external project costs (software, maintenance and services) by phase.

Project Implementation
Upon acceptance of the Project Work Plan and Charter, the Project Implementation begins.

During the Project Implementation, the Macabe Project Manager actively manages the project in coordination with his/her Company counterpart. The Macabe Project Manager’s coordinates the scheduling and monitors the delivery of all Macabe products and services during the project. As the project progresses, the Macabe Project Manager will update the Project Work Plan with actual hours expended by task.

The updates to the Project Work Plan will be provided on a periodic basis (typically biweekly) to the Company’s Project Manager and Executive Sponsor as part of the Project Status Report. The Project Status Report includes a summary tasks completed since last report, upcoming tasks, any outstanding issues, and a comparison of the actual project time versus budget by major project phase.

Should a change in project scope occur, a Project Change Order would be created to document the nature of the scope change and the change to the implementation timeline and cost. Macabe staff will not proceed with work outside of the original project scope until approval has been received by the Company’s Project.

Project Conclusion
At the Project Conclusion, the Macabe Project Manager conducts a Post-Implementation Project meeting to confirm achievement of the success criteria and to bring a formal end to the project.