As a leading Authorized Developer for SAGE Software, we are licensed to customize SAGE applications to suit your Company’s specific functional or integration requirements. We have designed numerous custom enhancements that provide specialized capabilities to clients in a wide variety of industries. And unlike many developers, we also provide software maintenance (updates of your enhancements to work with new Sage releases) on our custom development to keep your system current and operating smoothly.

Functional Design
If it appears that the standard Sage product capabilities won’t meet your requirements or you have custom integration requirements, we will work with you to complete a Functional Design engagement.

The Functional Design engagement identifies the changes required (as compared to the standard Sage application) at a functional or high-level. The functional design provides general description of the new capability and is easily understood by the business user (non-programmer). The initial functional design is developed by one of our Implementation consultants in conjunction with your Company’s subject matter experts. One of our senior programming staff will then review the functional design to insure it is a competent design and, if necessary, suggest high-level changes.

Technical Design and Development
After the Functional Design is agreed to by the customer, a detailed Technical Design process begins. Here specific programs, tables, screens, and reports requiring changes are identified. Depending on the size of the project, additional approval may be required prior to beginning application development. Once application coding is complete, user and program documentation is finalized. Quality Control (QC) testing is conducted at our site and then a test environment is constructed at the Company’s site for final field testing. Field testing is conducted by Macabe and Company staff often as part of the Pilot Testing phase (CRP) of the implementation Work Plan discussed below.