Business Intelligence

servicesWhat is Business Intelligence (BI) and does your business need it?

Business intelligence is not rocket science!

Every business needs more visibility into it’s key performance indicators!

BI is all about extracting and compiling data about your organization and using this information to improve business performance.  This data is typically extracted from your ERP system and a truly comprehensive BI system will incorporate other operational software systems you might use to take orders, purchase stock, schedule employees, etc.

The goal is a process that results in summary level information presented in the form of charts, dashboards, or a data grid that allows you to quickly make proactive decisions based on key indicators from your business data.

How can The Macabe Associates help me with BI?

After analyzing the way our customers work, we have focused on working with two tools for extracting, compiling, and presenting BI data .

  1.  BizInsight by BizNet Software, Inc.

    For people working in accounting or business analysis, Microsoft Excel is generally the most commonly used software application.  As ERP specialists, we are often asked if it’s possible to move the data in the ERP to Excel for analysis.  BizInsight is an “add-in” for Excel that allows users to easily retrieve summarized data from their ERP using functions in their Excel workbook.  This tool provides detailed transactional “drill-downs” when needed and refreshes the spreadsheet data in seconds when desired.

    As a development partner for BizInsight, The Macabe Associates can create custom content packages to retrieve data from any of the business applications in your organization.  Contact us for a demonstration today!


    SAGE CRM is much more than a Customer Relationship Managment Software; it’s a sophisticated business application development platform. SAGE CRM is one of the most advanced web-based business management systems available today.

    SAGE CRM is easily customized to store, access, or aggregate company-wide data and provide browser-based delivery of BI data using a wide array of charting and data grids options.

    Interested in providing access to BI data to various groups?  SAGE CRM can be quickly configured to create secure portals for employees, management, customers, or vendors based on your company requirements. Contact us for a demonstration today!