Sage 100 ERP Enhancements

Business Object Interface & Scripting EASY Solutions

Utilizing Sage’s Business Object Interface and the Custom Office scripting platform, we are able to customize systems while providing clients with more control over when they choose to upgrade, more control over their software and much more flexibility.

Clients want to “remain relevant”. Clients want to take advantage of the product updates available from Sage. Clients want to easily add third party solutions and be more agile with their Business Management Solutions. Clients still want the software “my way”. The Business Object Interface allows us to do just that.

Don’t be limited by what you ‘think you can do’. Just give us a call and we will rapidly determine if we can assist you with your changes in the Business Framework. If not we will point you the direction of our development partners.

Here are a few of the solutions we’ve developed so far.

Scripting and Business Object Interface Solutions











Create SO Invoices from UPS WorldShip Export (new!)

Vendor Maintenance Shadow Table Update

Create Purchase Orders for a range of Sales Orders

Create Purchase Orders from Sales Order Entry

Create Sales Order Invoices from PO Receipt of Goods

Discounted Unit Price on a Sales Order Line

Quantity Ordered Calculated by Linear Foot Measurements

Multiple Sales Orders Created from other Orders

Segment Substitution of COGS Account by SO Header UDF

Inventory Transaction Transfer via Android phone

Physical Count Entry via Android phone