Sage 500 Enhancements

As a leading developer for Sage Software, we have created numerous customizations to Sage MAS 500 ERP based on requests from customers. These customizations or enhancements, known as Macabe EASY Solutions, are available for current versions of MAS 500 and include Macabe Maintenance (upgraded programs as new versions are released by Sage). A partial list of MAS 500 customizations is below. Please contact us for pricing and versions available.

What’s New:
M500-CI-1001 Email Memo Integration
System Wide Enhancements:
M500-SM-1004 User Defined Fields for MAS 500
User Defined Fields – Available entities
M500-SM-1000 Paperless Journals and Registers – Brochure
Featured Enhancements:
M500-AP-1001 Electronic Funds Transfer for AP – Brochure
Electronic Funds Transfer for AP
M500-AP-1002 Positive Pay for AP – Brochure
Positive Pay for AP
M500-AR-1007 Electronic Statement Delivery – Brochure
Electronic Statement Delivery
M500-AR-1021 Electronic Invoice Delivery – Brochure
Electronic Invoice Delivery
M500-AR-1037 AR Collections
Accounts Payable
M500-AP-1001 Electronic Funds Transfer for AP
M500-AP-1002 Positive Pay for AP
M500-AP-1003 Cheque Scribe Integration
M500-AP-1004 Vendor Copy to other Company Codes
M500-AP-1005 Spanish Check Forms for AP
M500-AP-1006 Enhanced Vendor Maintenance
M500-AP-1008 AP Trial Balance by GL Segment
M500-AP-1009 Voucher Line Defaults
M500-AP-1010 Additional Voucher Detail Line Fields
M500-AP-1012 AP Use Tax Report
M500-AP-1013 AP Voucher Integration to Sage FAS CIP Module
Accounts Receivable
M500-AR-1001 Enhanced AR Invoices
M500-AR-1002 Paperless AR Invoice Printing
M500-AR-1005 AR Invoice Batch Export
M500-AR-1006 Paperless AR Reports
M500-AR-1007 Electronic Statement Delivery
M500-AR-1008 Enhanced AR Aging Report
M500-AR-1009 AR Cost Recovery Report
M500-AR-1021 Electronic Invoice Delivery
General Ledger
M500-GL-1002 Advanced GL Allocations
Inventory Management
M500-IM-1001 IM Transaction Import
M500-MF-1001 Enhanced Routing Defaults
Purchase Order
M500-PO-1001 PO Receipts API
M500-PO-1003 PO Security by Vendor
M500-PO-1004 Purchase Price Variance to Original Expense
M500-PO-1008 Purchases Clearing Trial Balance Report
System Manager
M500-SM-1000 Paperless Journals and Registers -Brochure
Sales Order Processing
M500-SO-1001 Sales Order Security by Customer