Macabe Merges with SWK Technologies


Effective immediately, The Macabe Associates and SWK Technologies are pleased to announce the acquisition of The Macabe Associates by SWK Technologies, Inc.

SWK is a Sage and Acumatica Business Partner and IT consulting company providing strategies and solutions to meet its clients’ information and business management needs with offices across the country.

The team at Macabe and SWK have worked collaboratively in the past and are committed to integrating our operations quickly and efficiently.

The team of certified consultants and resources you have been working with at Macabe are still available to assist you. Our combined resources will allow us to enhance our services and provide you with an even broader range of technical expertise, support resources and quality business software applications.

Billing addresses, email addresses and phone numbers will be changing over the coming weeks. We will continue to update you on our progress.

Contact us with any questions: or phone us at 206-336-5023


More about the merge…

Mary Abdian, President of The Macabe Associates said, “The acquisition of The Macabe Associates by SWK Technologies is the culmination of many years of partnering with SWK. This strategic step will give us the depth of resources to not only better serve and support our customers, but will also develop a greater opportunity for growth. Our organizations are very much in alignment as it relates to our strategies and core values. We are very pleased to join such a quality organization, and I am excited about the future for our customers with SWK.”

“We are very excited to have The Macabe Associates, Mary Abdian and team join SWK,” added Jeff Roth, CEO of SWK Technologies. “This acquisition makes SWK Technologies a dynamic force with significant market presence in the Northwest. With our management talent, in-house expertise, and financial resources, we are confident that the combined companies will be able to accelerate continued growth. Our shared commitment to putting clients’ needs first ensures Macabe’s client base will continue to receive superior service. We are very excited about our future prospects.”


Who needs cloud ERP Software?

A recent study of ERP purchasing trends offered some significant insight into changes in the Enterprise Resource Planning and cloud accounting software marketplace. This article is just one of four articles that will explore a few key findings of this study, and what they might mean for those who are looking for, selling, or creating ERP solutions.


The ERP market is experiencing evolutionary shifts in customer base, and the reasons behind these changes point to a revolution in ERP software industry. The 2015 Enterprise Resource Planning Software BuyerView Study from Software Advice, a consultancy that reviews ERP software, found that:


1. Two-thirds of prospective ERP buyers do not currently use ERP software and 44 percent rely on a combination of disparate systems to execute ERP processes.

2. Fifty-nine percent of buyers cite the need to improve the integration of data between different business processes as a top reason for seeking an ERP system.

3. Forty-seven percent of all buyers cite the need to improve their customer relationship management (CRM) database as a reason for wanting to purchase an ERP system.


ERP software has long been out of reach financially for most SMBs, so another factor must be affecting the market. Here, we can draw a fairly clear correlation to the wider availability of Cloud ERP Software and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) ERP solutions.


SaaS-based Cloud ERP software makes highly capable enterprise software suites viable for SMBs for the first time. SaaS ERP solutions provide SMBs with planning and execution capabilities, freeing smaller businesses from the overhead costs and risks of on-premise IT infrastructure and related support staff. Cloud and SaaS ERP options typically operate on subscription basis, eliminating large commitments of cash up front, an important option for SMBs who need to focus their investments on strategic business growth and profitability.


Look for our next article where we will explore the # 1 reason people are looking for new ERP Solutions…. Integration Opportuity!

Acumatica Takes Mobile Functionality to a Whole New Level


Although Acumatica has always been browser-based and has functioned online with ease, it was limited, until now, in terms of being able to leverage and use all of the features of your smartphone. Nothing beats adding a native app which is now available through Acumatica 5.0 and gives a far better user experience.
Acumatica believes that mobility is another opportunity to generate revenue streams because it meets the needs of customers, and customers are using mobile devices more than ever before. Acumatica 5.0 is all about usability. It was designed to work on any device and on any browser. It has an HTML5 standards-based UI designer that allows companies to build personalities and brand straight into existing business systems. In the past, a specialist would have been needed to create mobile applications that synced with Acumatica, but this is no longer the case. Now, Acumatica has a new mobile development framework that makes it easy without the need for a developer or specialist to be involved.


Acumatica App Overview

The Acumatica App is included in the Acumatica 5.0 release. This app works on both iPhones and Android phones. It offers a totally new framework that allows partners, developers, and ISVs to create new mobile applets.

Acumatica App Benefits

The Acumatica App is created in such a way that it offers the full utility of any smartphone’s features. The functionality includes fingerprint readers and the camera in addition to many others. These provide beneficial security that is essential to your company having its data protected.


Acumatica App Features

  • Secure Log-in

Touch ID allows you to securely yet easily log in to the application.

  • No programming needed

The features available on the iPhone app are also available on the Android app so there is no need to learn special programming in order for all of the functions to work.


Applets available are:

 - Expense Receipts:

This applet allows you to record descriptions of receipts, type of expense, the amount, etc. Paper receipts can be saved as images using the camera. Another security measure allows you to choose your visibility settings for each receipt so it is as protected or visible as you want. Finally, you can link expenses to specific customers to keep better track of who is charged for which expenses.


- Inventory Availability:

This applet allows you to see what inventory is available (including a picture and description) and which warehouse it is located at.


- Other applets include: Expense Claims, Events, and Approvals.

Acumatica is revolutionizing mobile applications for ERP. To learn more about Acumatica 5.0 in general or about its mobile functionality, The Macabe Associates, Inc. Please contact us at any time to learn more about the latest and greatest in ERP solutions that function in mobile formats with ease. We would be happy to help you get started using Acumatica 5.0 to take your business ERP needs to a whole new and impressive level that will certainly help further your business in its success.


For a quick video on the Acumatica Mobile Framework – click here

Acumatica ERP Version 5.0

Acumatica ERP version 5.0 released in January is awesome! View the 5.0 slide show here!

5.1 has been released and includes even more new features including: Deferred Revenue, Billing through Contracts without CRM and a new Sales Order Approval Process!  But that’s not all – click here for the release notes.

If that’s not enough…..Acumatica has two more releases planned for this year!

Sage Summit Comes to New Orleans This Summer! July 27-30

The next Sage customer conference will take place in New Orleans this July. Join your friends from Macabe and thousands of your peers as we tackle the toughest topics, explore breakthrough innovations, and get inspired by industry thought leaders.

Check out the website for agenda and announcements.

An elite group of business leaders will share their experiences and insights every day. What they have to say about the future of your business might surprise you. Click here to see the entire list of speakers for 2015.

Sage 100 ERP Version 2015 is Now Available!

The primary focus of enhancements in this release was intended to simply your job, streamline workflows and improve usability providing more control and security.

Paperless Office Enhancements Include:

  • Setup Paperless Office Delivery Options to use the email address in Data Entry for Paperless Office Delivery
  • All reports now allow direct access to the associated Paperless Office Viewer by using the Save drop down menu
  • Improved printing performance:
    • An update to the Amyuni printer driver to version
    • In printing checks and extended stubs to PDF through Paperless Office

Color-Code by Company and Company Navigation:

  • Well in the 2015 release a new option has been added to the Background Color by company feature in Company Maintenance to allow customers the option to apply the company-specific colors to the frame instead of or in addition to the background color.
  • Also new in the 2015 release is the ability for customers to set an option in User Maintenance that will allow that person to move between companies while retaining the module they are working in, making life much simpler.

2015 Enhancements:

  • Reverse Journal Entries with a Single Click
  • Purchase Order History – modeled after Sales Order
  • Copy Purchase orders
    • Other open Purchase Orders
    • POs in Purchase Order History
    • PO in Purchase Order Receipt History
    • Or even from Accounts Payable Invoice History
    • And we also added the “Copy From” button in the Return of Goods
    • Enhanced sort and selection options on audit reports
      • Items in Item Audit Report (IM)
      • Vendors in Vendor Audit Report (AP)
      • Accounts in the GL Audit Report (GL)
      • Customers in the Customer Audit Report (AR)
      • Multi-Column Sorting
        • Bank Rec (Bank Reconciliation & Check, Deposit, and Adjustment Entry)
        • Cash receipts (Select Cash Receipts Invoices in Cash Receipts Entry in AR)
        • AP invoices (Select Manual Check and Payment Invoices in AP)
        • Vendor Transfer Invoices (Select Vendor Transfer Invoices in AP)
        • Vendor Name Expansion – Now 50 Characters
        • Level 3 Credit Card Processing
        • Enhanced Inventory Drill into GL Sources Journal
        • Enhanced Security Control

This is just the beginning…. Click here for all the details on v2015

News from the Acumatica Summit Conference

Acumatica announces it’s 1000 customer! Congratulations!

Macabe is excited to be a part of such a rapidly growing ERP community. Now you can be a part of it too!

Acumatica 5.0 Launch Party
January 22, 5:00pm – 7:00pm
CenturyLink Stadium

Join us at CenturyLink for an evening of festivities where Acumatica 5.0 will be formally launched and since we’re at CenturyLink home of the Seahawks…you never know who might join us! We hear there will be a few surprise guests! 

Come early and meet the Acumatica Executive Team and you can meet the Macabe team too! Get a personalized look at Acumatica Cloud ERP and mingle with your peers.

Acumatica 5.0 January 2015

Coming in January, Acumatica 5.0 will feature application enhancements and platform improvements to help make the Acumatica experience seamless and more user friendly than ever before.

Introducing Acumatica 5.0:
Working Harder, Better, Faster and Stronger For Your Business


  • Fresh & Easy-to-Change Skins
  • Universal Search
  • Intuitive List-Driven navigation


  • Single Sign-On
  • MySQL Support
  • Amazon-Ready


  • Centralized Purchasing
  • Multi-Warehouse Allocation
  • B2B Ordering
  • Improved Time & Expense


  • New Mobile Apps
  • Exchange Server Integration
  • Social Collaboration


  • Business Process Wizards
  • Optimized for Large Businesses
  • Faster Financial Reporting

Watch below to learn about Universal Full-Text Search from Acumatica 5.0 and get a sneak peak at Acumatica 5.0
acumatica link

Sage Inspire Tour Coming to Seattle

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 2.33.21 PM

Sage Inspire Tour will be in Seattle on February 3, 2015.

Join us at the Maydenbauer Convention Center for a day of learning!

Keep an eye out for an invitation with more details.

It’s FREE! Click here to REGISTER!

Sage Fixed Assets Live!

Join us for the second annual Sage Fixed Assets Live – an online and streaming seminar:
  • Helpful information about Fixed Asset Tracking
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Hear from the experts
When: Tuesday, September 9, 2014 8 am-12:00pm Pacific Time
Where: On-Line in a state for the art virtual conference center
Cost: Free

Get the details here